I would like to ask you some helpful informations.

Recently I bought an OV7670 Camera Module. Unfortunately, this item is not compatible with any tutorial I found in dozens and dozens of sites.

It has 18 pins with these signs:

3.3v   GND
VS     HS
D7     D6
D5     D4
D3     D2
D1     D0

I aint noticed these pins on any OV7670 Camera in any site of tutorial, like youtube or arduino.cc or many others at google searching. The most comon OV7670 Cameras I found in tutorials have SIOC SIOD instead of SCL SDA, HREF instead of HS and XCLK instead of MCLK. Did I bought a fake or what do you think? Please, if any of you, knows how to make it conect or have any useful link, I will apreciate to inform me. Thank you all for your time.

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They are actually named in a different manner.

Your camera module has i2c interface.

SIOC is nothing but Serial Input Clock , same as SCL - i2c clock

Similarly , SDA and SIOD are the same - i2c data

HREF and HS are the same too - Hsync signal

MCLK and XCLK are the same too - system clock

Here is a useful link:


Cheers !

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