We have developed a custom board with the RFID Scanner and and a Bluetooth Module built into it. The data from the RFID scanner is supped to be read and sent to Bluetooth built into it and then is transmitted to the Phone's Bluetooth which is running an App (Which in turn goes to the cloud and fetches the data to validate the Identity). The communication such as reading the data sending it to the App is all working fine.

But the issue is if the Bluetooth on the Custom board is disconnected from the Phone's Bluetooth the RFID scanner seems to be scanning the data in lesser time. But the moment it is connected to the Phone's Bluetooth App there is a delay a of at least 6-7 seconds before it lets go the RFID scanner to get ready to scan another Access card. The moment you disconnect the Bluetooth on the board from the Phone the RFID Hardware seems normal scanning the Data (the access card is read continuously). I have three questions.

  1. Is it the common behavior of Bluetooth to act like this?
  2. IS it an issue with the Software App or API?
  3. Is it wise to new implement a Store on forward App just for letting the data read between the Phone's Bluetooth and Bluetooth Module on the custom board then read that data from the Old App??

Please help me as it is for a school project.

Regards, Ash

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  • It could be anything, starting with interferences, code problem, maybe software serial problem (if used, nobody knows), maybe weak power supply. But there is nothing relevant to support any of those. – KIIV Nov 3 '17 at 7:56
  • 1
    You need to start simpler. Remove the RFID reader code from the Arduino and replace it with a simple program (report an incrementing number). Perhaps, if you are using the BT serial protocol, use a known good BT serial protocol terminal application on the Android. Get the individual parts working first. Beware of interrupt driven events. We can not tell if you have any as you haven't listed any Arduino code. – st2000 Nov 3 '17 at 11:54

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