I am attempting to build a sketch on a Nano which receives a regular pulsed signal from an NRF24L01+ board and uses the time-interval between pulses to generate a regular pulsed output generated by an interrupt based timer (TimerOne). Problem is that as soon as I attempt to attach the interrupt callback on TimerOne, the sketch freezes. I suspect some sort of incompatibility between the two libraries. I am attempting to search through the RF24 library for any use of the ATM328P Timer1 functions, but am not finding anything significant. Are there any known incompatibilities between the NRF24L01+ board, RF24 library and the TimerOne library?

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    To confirm you theory (and save you wasting time looking at the wrong thing) could you do a test program that just used the RF24 library and generate an interrupt by grounding a pin? If the problem still happens TimerOne might be in the clear. – Code Gorilla Oct 24 '17 at 13:30
  • That's effectively what this code does, other than the fact that it is using a Timer Overflow Interrupt rather than grounding a pin. I don't think your assumption that generating an interrupt by grounding a pin automatically leads to TimerOne being in the clear... – Mark Oct 24 '17 at 14:07

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