Good day community, I have a project which is VEHICLE GPS Tracker and I'm using Arduino Mega, NEO GPS6MV2 and SIM900. I'm using SIM900 to send the GPS coordinates on a web server. I'm using the POST method and SIM900 is capable of this by using AT commands. I will also save the coordinates on a MySQL database. My problem here is I can't send the data on the MySQL database. As you can see on the latter part of the commands, it response "ERROR". enter image description here That's why the coordinates failed to enter on the database. This is what I have on the database: enter image description hereWhat do you think is the problem here?

  • Is there a 10 second delay between DOWNLOAD and ERROR? – Majenko Oct 1 '17 at 12:16
  1. If you say you are going to send 90 characters you must send 90 characters. No more, no less. I count 70 there.
  2. You have to send them immediately the modem responds DOWNLOAD otherwise it times out (10 seconds) and you get ERROR. It looks to me like you're not sending anything (except maybe a blank line) for those 10 seconds and only trying to send once it has errored.
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