Bought a cheap LCD form china (mcufriend, pictured below) and I cant understand which pin is which to use it with the SPI interface (starting to get worried that I can't use it), I've figured out this much:

  • LCD_RST; reset pin
  • LCD_CS; chip select
  • LCD_RS;
  • LCD_WR;
  • LCD_RD;

Which of those is MOSI, SCK, DC? Trying to use it with a ESP8266 (ESP-12).

mcufriend 3.5" TFT screen

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You can't use that TFT screen with SPI. The SPI interface (SD_DI, SD_DO, SC_SCK and SD_SS) is for the SD card slot only.

All the pins starting LCD_ are the 8-bit parallel ("8080" style) interface for controlling the TFT screen.

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