I have a file YunConfig.fzz file for arduino yun for map maker project with ultrasonic sensor. How can I open or do with that file? please answer me.

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    That's a fritzing drawing. – Majenko Sep 14 '17 at 13:14
  • Have a look at Fritzing.org. With most unknown files you can use a text editor (Notepad) to look at the file. Sometimes the file will be text and you might be able to read it. The rest of the time it will be binary and it will look like garbage, however there might be some strings in there that give you a clue as to what application the file is for. – Code Gorilla Sep 15 '17 at 7:29
  • BTY, the Fritzing CAD software is not free. it is 9$ US. – Joshua Bays Mar 19 at 6:56

Download and install the open-source, Fritzing CAD software for electronics hobbyist and open the .fzz file with that.

Versions are available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Installation instructions are on the downloads page.

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You can get the latest version here: fritzing(dot)org/download/api/1.0/update/344 or find a version on softpedia

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