I want to use an OLED with DUE. I plan to connect it via hardware SPI. The Due has a 3X2 pin connector labeled SPI. Is it here where i connect the SCK and MOSI?

If indeed, i connect it here, then which one is SCK and which one is MOSI?

Most importantly, i saw somewhere that in the DUE, hardware digital pin 13 is SCK and pin 11 is MOSI? Is this true? Because if it is, i can simply hook it up to these pins and get rid of the confusing 3X2 pin connector.

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It doesn't look like it's true. There is only one SPI module and it has fixed pins which are not duplicated anywhere.

However there are three instances of USART which can be used in synchronous mode as SPI:

  • USART0: RXD0(PA10) / TXD0(PA11) / SCK0(PA17)
  • USART1: RXD1(PA12) / TXD1(PA13) / SCK1(PA16)
  • USART2: RXD2(PB21) / TXD2(PB20) / SCK2(PB24)

Whole table from SAM3X datasheet:

enter image description here

But I'm not sure if the Arduino IDE supports this mode, or you'll have to do it from scratch by yourself.

You can even use RTS as select slave signal: enter image description here

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