I'm newbie in arduino due. I need to reduce the default PWM frequency of arduino Due. Anyone have any tutorial to do this? (Frequencys like 25hz, 50Hz for example)

I read in some posts, if i change the PWM frequency, i make changes in internal timers of arduino and i loss functions like delay(), millis(), etc.

Exits any form to not lose these functions?

Thanks a lot!

  • 25 and 50 hz square wave can be generated by software easily – ratchet freak Sep 11 '17 at 20:22

The Palatis Softpwm library can generate PWM on any digital pin with (almost) any frequency. Example for 25Hz:

#include <SoftPWM.h>
void setup() {
  // begin with 25Hz pwm frequency
  Palatis::SoftPWM.set(0, value); // value is 0 to 255 just like normal Arduino analogWrite

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