Ubuntu 16.04LTS 64bit, Arduino Pro Mini board (ATmega 328P, 3.3V 8Mhz) I have problem with WEB editor: I selected Arduino Pro mini and ticked "8Mhz ATmega 328P". I tried to upload "blink" test program from Examples, but Web editor show "Error uploading, check if selected board is currently available." And Monitor menu show "Serial port unavalable".

$ dmesg | grep tty
[    0.000000] console [tty0] enabled

I tried to reboot, not help. The green LED on Arduiono is "on" and red LED is blinking. I tried to verify the built-in COM port, in terminal run command dmesg | grep FTDI, but no any output returned.

$ ls -l /dev/ttyUSB*
ls: cannot access '/dev/ttyUSB*': No such file or directory

It looks that FTDI USB to Serial port converter not recognized on Ubuntu?

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    This guide was for Ubuntu 13.04. I'm working from a mobile phone screen, so I couldn't find a more current guide. – sempaiscuba Aug 26 '17 at 16:14
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    What are you uploading through? The Pro Mini has no USB interface of its own. – Majenko Aug 26 '17 at 16:17
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    Have you tried a different cable? – Majenko Aug 26 '17 at 16:39
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    And have you added yourself to the dialout group as per the Linux Arudino instructions? – Majenko Aug 26 '17 at 17:12
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    I missed that, after adding user to the group 'dialout', the serial port is now enabled. sudo usermod -a -G dialout username. Thanks a lot! – minto Aug 26 '17 at 18:19

type "tail -f /var/log/kern.log" into a terminal window. This will show you the messages that the kernel produces. Hit enter a few times so you can easily see when something new is added.

Now remove (hmm. easier if you do that before typing the command above). and insert the arduino. Now your kernel should produce a few messages stating it found a new device. Linux has drivers for all popular USB chips so no driver issues expected.

With a bit of luck you'll see something like: Aug 27 18:53:23 kernel: usbcore: registered new interface driver ch341 Aug 27 18:53:23 kernel: usb 3-3: ch341-uart converter now attached to ttyUSB0 What comes after "now attached to" is what you need to use for the serial port....


Do a ls -l /dev/tty* in a console screen and then search for the tty* port that your arduino is connected to (mine is ttyACM0), you will see which group (my group is dialout for Ubuntu 17.10) you need to add yourself to in order to be able to access your arduino via the Serial Monitor.

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