I am trying to burn bootloaders to Atmega2560V and when I hit burn bootloaders it shows me this error

avrdude: Device signature = 0x1e9803 avrdude: Expected signature for ATmega2560 is 1E 98 01

I know this device should have 0x1e9801, But I don't know why it's showing me this error.

I tried my luck by starting threads at AVRFREAKS but no joy.

One of my friend told to try changing the device signature in the avrdude from 0x1e9801 to 0x1e9803 for a temporary try.

How can I do that.? please please please anyone help.



You should have, somewhere in your hard drive, a file named avrdude.conf. My copy of the file has the following lines:

# ATmega2560

    id               = "m2560";
    desc             = "ATmega2560";
    signature        = 0x1e 0x98 0x01;

Try changing the line with signature. Alternatively, you could make a new entry for your MCU like this:

# ATmega2560V
# Identical to  ATmega2560 but for the signature

part parent "m2560"
    id        = "m2560v";
    desc      = "ATmega2560V";
    signature = 0x1e 0x98 0x03;

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