I have problem with WDT reset. After reset the device goes on for a boot loop. from the following link https://code.google.com/p/arduino/issues/detail?id=181 It has been mentioned that there is problem with Bootloader because some of them does not support wdt properly.How can i find which version of bootloader is running in my arduino mega 2560 . Which version of bootloader support wdt properly? where these bootloaders can be found?

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In all practicality; put a known boot loader on it. Because if it is a problem version you will need to replace it anyways.

The Mega uses STK500 protocol. Which only shows a command to read its type (or signature) and not its version of firmware.

It is a good exercise, but not really worth the time to go deeper into it, as programmers are cheap and or you can use another Arduino as the programmer.


The watchdog timer will reset the Arduino in case of a timeout. The way to prevent this from happening is to catch the WDT interrupt.

  // do nothing

This has nothing to do with the bootloader. The fix suggested in the link above only makes the bootloader detect a reset triggered by a WDT event, and have it not add any delay. This delay is normally needed to see if the usb-host is trying to upload a new program.

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