Around 4 days ago my Arduino Pro Micro arrived. I've been messing around with it, using it to run keyboard commands on a computer. Just recently, whenever I plug it in to the computer it isn't detected by ports or anything. The green light is still on, and the left red light (looking at it from the side of the micro USB input) still works as well, however the right red light no longer works. Can someone tell me what's happening? Have I broken it all ready?

  • What was the last sketch you uploaded to it? – Nick Gammon Jul 30 '17 at 9:40

The arduino pro micro is notoriously difficult to program. I am sure you have figured this out when first installing the drivers but on power up, the micro runs a bootloader for <750ms so for me atleast, it was extremely difficult to install drivers.

However, if you look at this guide by sparkfun, you will see that resetting the board in quick succession will load a longer 8 sec bootloader which gives your more time to program it. Obviously, this is not normally something you need to worry about as the Arduino IDE automatically resets the board sending it into the bootloader when you upload a sketch to it.

Back to your problem, if it is not popping up as a device when you plug it in to your computer, go into control panel > system > hardware > device manager and look to see if you can find it there. If it still doesn't show up, do what I said above and reset it twice and hopefully you will see the bootloader appear where you can reinstall the drivers for it. You can find the appropriate drivers in the same location where you installed the IDE originally.

Hope this helps!

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