Using this as a tutorial, I've tried to connect the master Bluetooth module from my Nano to the slave module in my Mega. After following the steps in the tutorial, when I enter the command to my serial monitor:


I receive:


After looking up the error, I only get results for ERROR:(0)

Does anyone know what the error means or how to fix it?


I found the solution.

Apparently, both of my modules were at 9600 baud rate when the optimal rate is of 38400. I had to use AT+ORGL in command mode to reset both slave and master. Afterwards I was able to connect them manually.

So apparently ERROR:(7) represents a failed connection? Just don't forget to make sure everything is exactly like the tutorial that's teaching you.

  • Error 7 is "Bluetooth address LAP is too long" Other Error Codes are here Feb 13 '20 at 6:58

You need to add zeros to your address.
For example my address of slave is "FCA8:A7:A134"
So command to bind it to master will be "AT+BIND=FCA8,7A,00A134"

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