I have been using my arduino uno for many months and it worked very well even till today morning but an hour ago I tried to upload a sketch and arduino IDE showed my this "avrdude: stk500_getsysc(): not in sync: resp =0x00" , at first I thought maybe I burned my atmega32 chip but I bypassed reset and gnd with a jumper wire and opened serial monitor and my atmega32 still printing serial data,so problem must be something else,and also my led13 isn't blinking.Is it problem with bootloader?if so how can I reload bootloader in my board without using another arduino?


I'm personally not really in to this RTFM kind of answer, but in this case it really do answer most of your questions about the bootloader part: http://arduino.cc/en/Hacking/Bootloader

About the error, a quick search on SO gives you this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24240285/arduino-nano-3-avrdude-stk500-getsync-not-in-sync-resp-0x00

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