I was looking at the Arduino Nano's schematic and noticed a resistor that seems to be pointless (RP2C on this picture). Strange resistor RP2C Also there is numbers 6 and 3 on it, does it mean that resistor is connected to pins 6 and 3 on FT232 or to the same pins on Atmega328?

  • I have very limited electric knowledge.. I seen on some circuits a small capacitor between VCC and GND (pins 6 and 3), but never a resistor without any other component in between. Jul 3, 2017 at 14:18

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It's an unused element of resistor array RP2. Both ends are grounded in order to reduce noise.


The resistor is one of 4 resistors that make up an SMD resistor array, RP2. It is seen on the board here:
Arduino Nano underside

The resistor array works like this:
Resistor array

The resistor on this array is spare, so both terminals are grounded.


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