I recently was playing around with Arduino and using dfu-programmer reflashed ATMega16u2 to make the computer think it was a keyboard device.

Well, I wish to put the original Arduino firmware back on, but now dfu-programmer says the device is not present.

The Arduino is listed under /dev/hidraw5 on Ubuntu. Typing lsusb gives the following output for Arduino keyboard:

Bus 004 Device 008: ID 03eb:2042 Atmel Corp. LUFA Keyboard Demo Application

I tried erasing with the command:

sudo dfu-programmer atmega16u2:4,8 erase

and got

dfu-programmer: no device present.

Is there a way to target /dev/hidraw5 using dfu-programmer? Many thanks.

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Very sorry! But I actually figured this out on my own. I needed to reset by briefly bridging the reset pin with ground near the USB connector. Then typed

sudo dfu-programmer atmega16u2 erase

and I'm happy again.

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