I have a global uint32_t that keep tracks of used Bytes:

uint32_t usedBytes;
int bytesWritten;

byteWritten = myFile.print(data, FILE_WRITE);

if (byteWritten > 0) {
  usedBytes += bytesWritten;

What happen if usedBytes is close to the maximum (0xFFFFFFFF)? Will incrementing it make it 0, or stuck at 0xFFFFFFFF?


It will wrap around though 0.

0xFFFFFFFF + 1 = 0

You can add a higher order word to track more data:

if (byteWritten > 0) {
    uint32_t newUsed = usedBytes + byteWritten;
    if (newUsed < usedBytes) {
        fourGigsUsed ++;
    usedBytes = newUsed;

Or you could use uint64_t to automate it - however none of the Arduino print routines cope with the uint64_t variable type.

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