I am making an AC (the summer kind) control circuit with an AtMega328P chip. I bought the AtMega328P-PN instead of the P-PU. I followed the instructions on how to burn the bootloader, but nothing seems to work on the P-PN. I searched on Google for it and could find nothing anywhere.

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    I followed the instructions -- which instructions? Did they also include instructions on setting the right fuses for your clock source? – Majenko Jun 4 '17 at 11:11
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    And what do you mean nothing seems to work...? What doesn't work about it? Does the bootloader fail to flash? Does it flash but fail to be identified by avrdude? What...? – Majenko Jun 4 '17 at 11:11

The ATmega328P-PN differs from the ATmega328P-PU essentially only in being rated over a wider temperature range.

It is for all ordinary purposes a direct substitute for where an ATmega328P-PU could be used, and has the same signature word.

Whatever your actual problem is, it is elsewhere.

(The chips that do require some special accommodation if ordered are the ATmega328 without a "P" before the dash and the ATmega328PB)

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