In Linux Fedora 20 Arduino I want to use the Timer library from here, from which I have downloaded the folder Timer-master.zip, but, when I try to import it, I get the Arduino message that it cannot be imported because its name includes characters other than plain ACSII letters and numbers. I have tried copying the file to Timermaster.zip and importing that instead, but still got exactly the same failure message.

Please, how do I get out of this impasse?


What's causing the problem is that the folder name inside the zip has a hyphen in it, just extract the folder from this zip and rename it to timer instead of timer-master. I just imported it on Fedora 20.

  • #'itchyzombie, Thanks for that prompt and excellent answer. I have done that and, as you say, it works. A day wasted in frustrating floundering, but a nice end result – Harry Weston Aug 22 '14 at 19:02

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