I'm trying to datalog to a EyeFi SD card by writing to a file with a jpg extension. Here's that portion of my code so far:

// see if the directory exists, create it if not.
if( !SD.exists("/DCIM/100NIKON") ) 
  if( SD.mkdir("/DCIM/100NIKON") ) 
    Serial.print("File directory created: ");
  else {
    error("File directory not created");
  Serial.print("File directory exists: ");

// Test file
char filename[] = "DSCN0000.JPG";

if (! SD.exists(filename))
  logfile = SD.open(filename, FILE_WRITE); // only open a new file if it doesn't exist

if (! logfile)
  error("Couldnt create file");

The Arduino creates the directory, but the file is still saved to the root. I would love some help or tips on this.

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You're creating a directory, and then not writing the file into it.

You need to change the filename to /DCIM/100NIKON/DSCN0000.JPG";

Note that SD.open() takes the full filepath to the file, not just the file*name*.

From the Arduino Docs:

The file names passed to the SD library functions can include paths separated by forward-slashes, /, e.g. "directory/filename.txt". Because the working directory is always the root of the SD card, a name refers to the same file whether or not it includes a leading slash (e.g. "/file.txt" is equivalent to "file.txt"). As of version 1.0, the library supports opening multiple files.

(emphasis mine)

  • Oooh, I was thinking that after creating a directory with mkdir, the directory will automatically become the working directory. Thanks a lot! Aug 20, 2014 at 23:51
  • @user2218339 - Nope, and as far as I can tell, there isn't even a way to change the working directory at all. It's basically hard-wired to /. Aug 21, 2014 at 0:34

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