These are my remote server credentials that I want to connect from my local device.

Server  m12.cloudserver.com
User    <myname>
Password    <mypassword>
Port    19999
_ or 
api_key 5678909876-009-00d

I want to use the WiFiClient client() API as shown, but where or how do I include the User credentials ? so that I can make a successful connection to the remote server from my device connected over Wifi.

Cut and paste from my Arduino code.

const int httpPort = 19999;
if (!client.connect("m12.cloudserver.com", httpPort)) {
 Serial.println("connection failed");
  • Read the API docs.
    – gre_gor
    May 10, 2017 at 13:56

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WifiClient provides low level tcp connection. Your server seems to be implementing a REST API interface. Thus you need to construct HTTP headers (GET, POST, etc.) manually as a string. Then you can add your credentials. Before doing so, try to use your server, I mean call api's with the program named Postman. Postman runs on Chrome browser. Postman can compose such headers for you. Then you can insert them into your arduino code.

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