I am trying to install the Teensy loader software but I need to know where Arduino is installed. Does anyone know where in Fedora the Arduino files are?

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It depends how you installed it.

If you downloaded the tarball and extracted it then it's wherever you extracted it.

If you used a package manager to install it then they could be anywhere - you should look at the package manager software fedora uses (yum? it's been a while) to see how to find what files a package installs.

If you are running a modern version of Arduino (I know Debian based packages are from the stone age) then the board manager installs will be in ~/.arduino15


Assuming you have installed the tool from the Fedora repositories (that is, using yum/dnf or from the Software tool), the command to run the IDE will be installed at /usr/bin/arduino and you can run it from the command line just by typing arduino — or do the same in the search box in GNOME Shell.

Most of the package itself, including examples and libraries, will be installed under /usr/share/arduino.

And, once you run that program, it will create a new "sketchbook location" at ~/Arduino — that is, a folder named "Arduino" in your home directory. If you've run the IDE already, that folder will already exist.

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