Here's my circuit:

And the code:

const int control1 = 2;
const int control2 = 3; 
const int enable = 9; 
const int pinDirection = 4; 
const int pinOnOff = 5;
const int pot = A0; 
int stateOnOff = 0;
int stateOnOffPrev = 0;
int stateDirection = 0;
int stateDirectionPrev = 0;

int motorEnabled = 0;
int motorSpeed = 0;
int motorDirection = 1;

void setup(){
  pinMode(pinDirection, INPUT);
  pinMode(pinOnOff, INPUT);
  pinMode(control1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(control2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(enable, OUTPUT);

  digitalWrite(enable, LOW);

void loop(){
  stateOnOff = digitalRead(pinOnOff); 
  stateDirection = digitalRead(pinDirection);
  motorSpeed = analogRead(pot)/4;

  if(stateOnOff != stateOnOffPrev){
    if(stateOnOff == HIGH){
      motorEnabled = !motorEnabled;

  if(stateDirection != stateDirectionPrev){
    if(stateDirection == HIGH){
      motorDirection = !motorDirection;
  if(motorDirection == 1){
    digitalWrite(control1, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(control2, LOW);
    digitalWrite(control1, LOW);
    digitalWrite(control2, HIGH);

  if(motorEnabled == 1){
    analogWrite(enable, motorSpeed);
    analogWrite(enable, 0);

  stateDirectionPrev = stateDirection;
  stateOnOffPrev = stateOnOff;


As you can see, the switch on pin 5 controls whether the motor is on and the potentiometer controls motor speed. Both work.

However, when the switch on pin 4 is closed the stateDirection variable still reads 0, or open circuit. It should when pressed change the direction of the motor via the H-bridge. I've tried everything I could, new switches, higher resistance. The only time it read HIGH is when I literally plugged switch out to GND.

Serial shows stateDirection as an unending chain of zeroes.

And finally the schematics from the original project. schematics

Thank you.

**PS: Forgive for lack of comments! But I think a good Arduino programmer should not need comments. **

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  • What if you use an empty breadboard and put in a button and resistor only? And make your code print the button state over and over?
    – Paul
    Aug 16 '17 at 4:57

when the switch on pin 4 is closed the stateDirection variable still reads 0, or open circuit.

you could have pull-up enabled on that pin: with a nominal value of 50k, 10k pull-down is just on the cusp of making it a logic low.


1) disable pull-up; 2) use a stronger pull-down; 3) get rid of the pull-down and rely on the pull-up alone. ...


If it shows low when bypassing switch and jumping to ground.. Then either bad switch or maybe simply wrong orientation of switch.

Edit: if GND is making pin 5 HIGH in logic, then your button needs to jump to GND and have the resistor on 5v. Currently it is opposite according to your schematic.

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