I'm using a 12V DC geared motor with an Adafruit motor shield which is connected to Arduino.

So, I want to know inspite of using the motor shield, do I need to add capacitors to the motor?

  • You should connect the shield as Adafruit prescribes. In what way do you think you need capacitors?
    – vini_i
    Apr 15, 2017 at 7:20
  • Post a schematic of how you think extra capacitors should be added, a description of what you think they'll do, and what you think the problem with what the shield documentation suggests (not necessarily in that order), and then we can comment.
    – Neil_UK
    Apr 15, 2017 at 8:38
  • lots of motor shields have that sort of thing (dioides too) built-in
    – dandavis
    Apr 15, 2017 at 20:56

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If the motors have a lot of "brush noise" you need to add capacitors to the motor. It is written in the FAQ.

The noise must be suppressed at the source or the motor leads will act like antennae and broadcast it to the rest of the system link.

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