I am having no issues talking to Android at baud rate of 9600. But once I raise the baud rate to anything higher Android seems to become deaf. When I try to read the Serial output using putty all seems fine.

Has anyone had success with baud rate over 9600 when talking to Android?

I am using the felHR85/UsbSerial library.

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I have no enough reputations to make a comment so I will drop my two cents here.

Are you changing the baudrate at both sides?

I have been using the arduino's built-in UART library for a while using different baudrates with no problems. Your problem could be an issue related to the library you are using.

  • Yes sir, I set the same speed on both sides. On Arduino I use the default Serial library too. The issue probably lies on the Android side. Commented Apr 9, 2017 at 9:58

Seems like there is a bug in the library.

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