I recently made a thread where I read BLE data that has three different numbers/values. The data changes but it typically looks something like this: 0,5 -0,1 0

I successfully store the three numbers in a unique char* but when I try to convert the char* to a double I get the value 0.0 in return.

This is my code:

        while (tok)
            if (currentRow == 0)
              currentRow = currentRow +1;
              double a = atof(tok);
              Serial.println (a);

            else if (currentRow == 1)
              currentRow = currentRow+1;
              double b = strtod(tok, NULL);
              Serial.println (b);

            else {
              currentRow = 0;
              double c = atof (tok);
              Serial.println (c);

            tok = strtok(NULL, " "); 
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The value that was being sent used a comma "," instead of a dot "." that was needed in order to convert the number.

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