I'm trying (for sport...) to use an MPU-9250 in SPI mode as it should be faster, and wasn't able to talk to the embedded magnetometer in my code.

I've gone through the documentation (RM-MPU-9250A-00 v1.4) which is a bit spartan on that subject but gives the rough idea, it should work by enabling the built-in I2C master feature and using "proxy" I2C registers; I've tried to "do as it says" to communicate with the magnetometer; I'm querying the magnetometer identification register, and I only see 0x00 in there.

I searched in nature, and couldn't find an example of F/LOSS software using an external sensor plugged on the MPU.

Perhaps I've done something wrong but I can't see it, so here's a bottle in the ocean :)

  • Why would you need to enable I2C master if you want to use SPI? That just seems wrong, like the author of the doc was having a bad day. Can you search around and see if there is any other evidence that this is the right thing to do, – Code Gorilla Mar 6 '17 at 13:12
  • The IMU chip can act as an I2C master to talk to downstream I2C devices... – cJ Zougloub Mar 6 '17 at 16:49

It turns out that my mistake was in the SPI communication code, but nevertheless here is some info because it's not very obvious.

I went over the top and:

  • Review the electrical interface to see whether by any chance, my chip was badly hooked-up. Everything was fine.
  • Enabled register read-back and saw that... owww, it was bad.
  • Reviewing PS-MPU-9250A-01 § 7.5 SPI Interface I saw that I had made a stupid copy&paste error in my code... when copying my read code over to the write I forgot to adjust the MSB of the first spi byte.


  • I2C_MST_P_NSR=1 seems important or we get zeros
  • basic config in there, currently using the I2C proxy to read the magnetometer, and I don't like having a sleep to wait for I2C transfers to happen or not, but this is a WIP and the code won't go anywhere.
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