I am trying to establish a communication between a sensor and a M0 -pro using SPI. The code :

    #include <SPI.h>

    unsigned int result  = 0;
    void readAngle();

    void setup() {
      SPI.setClockDivider(SPI_CLOCK_DIV8); //sets the clock speed for data transfer, slowed down 8 times
      SPI.setDataMode (SPI_MODE1);


      SerialUSB.println("First Try");

    void loop() {


    void readAngle(){
        digitalWrite(11,LOW); //Turn SS on, start communication
        result = SPI.transfer16(0xFFFF); // the read command and the response received
        result = (result << 2) >> 2; // get rid of the last 2 bits, error(14) + parity(15) 
        digitalWrite(11,HIGH); //Turn SS of


The code works perfectly with an UNO, but with M0, it event doesnt print the first SerialUSB.println("First Try");. The moment i erase the lines that have SPI commands in it, the serial monitor starts working again. As i said in the titel i am using the ICSP port on M0. I use the native usb port to programm.

I think i am missing something very basic. I checked many different forum posts, but there is no indication of M0 requiring other SPI commands. Any help is much appriciated.

PS: i didnt go into detail with the sensor and its datasheet because since it works fine with uno, the cause of the problem should be it.

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Which version of the Arduino IDE are you using ? If its an older one, try to get the latest one, sometimes that solves issues like the one you have.


You must declare that the pin as an output before you use it.

Do this by using the pinMode() function, like this:

pinMode(11, OUTPUT);          // sets the digital pin 11 as output

Add the above line at the beginning of your setup() function.

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