I bought a Digistump/Digispark board online and when i received it, I plugged it into my iMac to see if it works. I went to the apple in the top left corner and clicked "About this Mac". Then I clicked "System Report" and I went to the USB tab and it showed something connected as:

"Vendor-Specific Device:"

I was glad that it showed up but when I went to the Arduino IDE it didn't show up in the ports tab. I downloaded the AVR pack and the driver (i'm pretty sure the driver should work, if there is a specific driver that will work could someone send me to it) I am really frustrated and mad because it seems like this always happens. If someone could help me that would be greatly appreciated! Thank You.

Atmel 1624 tiny85

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I don't think it is supposed to. The Digispark briefly connects in "bootloader" mode, which you spotted as "Vendor-Specific Device:".

Then after 5 seconds it runs the loaded sketch. If your sketch doesn't create a USB port (eg. a keyboard) then it will disappear from the USB list.



You don't select the port, the core files automatically find the Digispark and program it. You have to plug in the Digispark when instructed, to activate the bootloader.

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