I'm trying to communicate with my HM-10 module though a FTDI converter on my mac. I have installed the FTDI driver and disabled the mac's default FTDI driver. This is my arduino IDE setup: board: I tried Arduino Uno/ Arduino Pro mini(ATmega328 3.3V) Port: /dev/cu.usbserial-50285BI programmer: AVRISP MKII

I connect rx on MH-10 to txd on converter and tx on HM-10 to rxd on converter. 3.3Vcc and GND respectively. The HM-10 module is powered up but I can not find the beacon signal. When I send command from arduino IDE's serial monitor there was no response from the chip at all. The RX and TX leds on converter never lighted up either. My goal is just to setup a BLE beacon and change the UUID(may do more advanced programming in future) and have been struggled on this for couple of hours. please help me.


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Ahhh...After few hours of struggling finally found the solution. The "HM-10" module I was using was a copycat module and "Both NL &CR" option should be chosen as a newline/carriage return character will be feed at end of the AT command. I found the solution from these two awesome articles:

Working with cheap bluetooth BTLE4 devices HM-10 BLE-CC41A

Comparing the HM10 and BLE CC41a Bluetooth

Hope this will be helpful for someone meet this problem in the future.

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