I'm trying to connect a FLIR Lepton to an Arduino Due. A thread by pureengineering talks of rerouting some pins. I am not sure what they precisely mean.

enter image description here

Does this rerouting mentioned in the link also apply to Arduino Due?

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According to the highlighted part of Due schematics it'd be better to connect 3.3V to the AREF pin as there might be some significantly big resistor between AREF and 3.3V source. So it might not be needed but one never knows.

Edit: Looking at the DUE board, there is "jumper" resistor, so you can choose 3V3 or AREF, that means AREF is not connected to anything by default. So if you connect 3v3 to AREF, it should be fine (even 5V, if you didn't changed anything on board yet )

enter image description here

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