Well, I want to make an rc plane with an arduino that logs to an sd card
A) Video
B) Accelerometer data
C) Tempature
D) Humitity
E) Atmospheric pressure
F) Gyroscope Data
What arduino/parts should I use? I have a maximum of 170 grams or 6 OZ. The arduino will not control the plane, just log data. I'm thinking an arduino 101... but I would like to know if there is a lighter/better way.

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It is not an Arduino answer but a Raspberry Pi with a Sense hat will record most of what you need with little coding. Add a Pi camera and you have all this for about $100. The Sense Hat temperature sensor doesn't work because it is too close to the CPU but you could get a digital thermometer for a few bucks.

  • This is VERY false. You don't need to learn Python. You can easily make a Pi and Pi Cam work with C++, a much more powerful language. WiringPi also has many functions such as pinMode() and digitalWrite()... Sounds familiar.
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I've completed a similar project.

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