I am working with Capacitive Touch Sense technology.In that I am using TTP224 Touch detector IC. I am getting good sensitivity when I am using Touch pad without putting any non electric material over it and able to switch ON/OFF connected led.But when I put any non electric material like Acrylic Sheet of 2mm thickness I am not able to get any signal through pad or not able to ON/OFF connected led.

So, How can I increase sensitivity of Touch pad?

I have bought TTP224 module from here.

And what can be the alternatives for TTP224???

  • Try a different material. Also try to minimize any gap between the pad and the acrylic. Otherwise exchange the capacitors on the board. – Gerben Jan 23 '17 at 18:39
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    @Gerben...Thanks. There is no gap between pad and acrylic. And yes I am trying with different capacitor values. – karanrp Jan 25 '17 at 9:32

According to the datasheet (if you can name it that):

The capacitance Cs0~Cs3 can be used to adjust the sensitivity. The value of Cs0~Cs3 use smaller, then the sensitivity will be better. The sensitivity adjustment must according to the practical application on PCB. The range of Cs0~Cs3 value are 0~50pF.

So, reduce the capacitances Cs0 to Cs3 and you will get better sensitivity.


Sometimes things just ****. In my case, where 0.5 mm more of gap make the TTP223 unable to work, because I designed such a small pad. My solution? Remove the paint in the PCB, put a lot of solder in to make the pad taller. Work like a charm.

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