I currently have an Arduino Ethernet Shield which is Mega Compatible. I've found on the Arduino Ethernet Library https://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/Ethernet that the Shield uses different Pins on the Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega. How is this possible? The Ethernet shield isn't connected to those pins mentioned.

Arduino Uno: Pin: 13 - SCK Pin: 12 - MISO Pin: 11 - MOSI Pin: 10 - SS for Ethernet Controller

Pin: 4 - SS for SD Card

Arduino Mega: Pin: 52 - SCK Pin: 50 - MISO Pin: 51 - MOSI Pin: 53 - SS for Ethernet Controller

Pin: 4 - SS for SD Card

Arduino Mega Pins


Those 4 pins D50 to D53 are the ICSP pins which appear twice on the MEGA; the Ethernet Shield uses the second set of connections located in the middle of the Mega board.

The header files gets told (by the Arduino IDE) that the board is a MEGA so the compiler uses those pin numbers to connect.

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  • The SS pin is not on the ICSP header. It needs to come from one of the headers on the side still. – CrossRoads Dec 12 '18 at 15:44

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