I am creating a drone and when I run it with my arduino all 4 motors stutters.

This is the ESC and the motor i bought:


I put the 3 motor wires in the esc directly. (This is already presoldered by the company i bought it from). Then I have soldered bullets myself on the end of 2 connections of the ESC and then I enter them to my power distribution board: hobbyking.com/en_us/hobby-king-quadcopter-power-distribution-board.html)!

After this I put jumper cables on the ESC cables (ground + signal, not the powercable). The signal I just use a regular jumper cable on each ESC and put it to the arduino board and when I use ground I use a jumper cable on the all the ground ESC wires and then I solder them together with another jumper cable and put that on the GND on the arduino uno.

Have I done a bad soldering job and is that the reason why the motors are stuttering? And if so is it the GND pins soldering or is the bullets I solder to the ESC and connect to the power distribution board? Or is it maybe something else? The three motor wires are all black meaning i have just randomly put them on the ESC. If I swap them around a bit might that solve it?

This is how the soldering looks:

This is how I solder different jumper cables together to one jumper cable and put it on the GND on the arduino uno. (I added a shrinking tube after that).

enter image description here

This is another one I did with the GND to see if the first one above was a bad soldering job:

enter image description here

Appreciate every help and tips :)

  • Sounds like a question for Electronics Stack Exchange. – Nick Gammon Mar 2 '17 at 5:42

Push more current. You probably using the same 5V as the Arduino. This may cause "lag".

As I said in an other answer to one of your other questions, connect the battery's + directly to the + of that power distribution borad.


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