I want to create a simple module in which a GPS transmitter moves and transmits positional data to the Arduino board via a Bluetooth Transmitter. Basically, I need a two-piece bluetooth set, in which the transmitter is attached to the GPS and the receiver is attached to the Arduino UNO. I would like for the GPS to be able to move from far away.

How would I do this? Does anyone know what products can do this? Would I use TinyGPS or a simple GPS module?

Thanks, Mark


As u mentioned that u want to move your GPS far away .... but frankly speaking Bluetooth modules will not work for far away (I have used one of them , it has some limitations and restrictions) , they are good only for in the range of room only like 10 meters to 15 meters maximum . and in case any obstacle comes between the bluetooth devices , your device will lose its signals ! So better use SIM900A (it is wireless) , it cost a bit harder than bluetooth , but much better than bluetooth !

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  • How would I use a SIM card to transmit GPS data? – Mark Dec 26 '16 at 6:18

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