I have Ubuntu 14.04 installed on a chromebook through crouton. I'm trying to install the Arduino IDE. I figured out that I needed the 64-bit version of the IDE and downloaded it. Then, I started following the instructions given - I found the downloaded file, which was named arduino-1.8.0-linux64.tar.xz, opened it (this opened a new window in a program called Xarchiver, which listed the subfolders and files), and saw the install.sh file. When I right-clicked, there was no option to run it from the terminal, so I went back to the terminal and did cd Downloads and then tried to cd into the downloaded file. However, it said that there was no such directory. I listed the files in Downloads, and the downloaded file came up, listed in red.

How can I run the install.sh file? What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.


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You need to extract the archive file first.

$ cd ~/Downloads
$ tar -Jxvf arduino-1.8.0-linux64.tar.xz

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