so I have a wifi shield and I am sending a web request, but its not going through. I know it's not the server because the other function of the program works properly. My code is available on pastebin


The request that is not working is on line 318

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You are lacking a space:

client.println((String)"GET /msg.php?action=send&ID=2&message=" += currentMessage += "HTTP/1.1");

Your HTTP is running in to the content of your message ending up with a corrupt request. Also you are doing appending within your strings (+=) when you don't need to (+ is all that is needed). In fact, you don't even need that - just do multiple prints and reduce the hammering your heap is getting. Oh, and don't forget to use F():

client.print(F("GET /msg.php?action=send&ID=2&message="));
client.println(F(" HTTP/1.1"));

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