I just noticed that the firmware on the m0 wifi might need updating but says not to use the provided updater, how do you update the firmware so ?


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USE AT YOUR OWN RISK Here's what I did... (maybe some steps not necessary, but this worked for me)

1) First run the "CheckWifi101FirmwareVersion" found in the Arduino WiFi 101 library.

  • NOTE: You need to add in the WiFi.setPins(8,7,4,2); after void setup() {
  • If it's backlevel (before 19.4.4), then

2) Download the Adafruit WiFi101 Updater on github ( https://github.com/adafruit/WiFi101-FirmwareUpdater/archive/master.zip )

3) Install the "FirmwareUpdater" from the Arduino WiFi 101 Library

  • Add in the recommended changes (even if it's the defaults)

    #define WINC_CS 8
    #define WINC_IRQ 7
    #define WINC_RST 4
    #define WINC_EN 2 

    and the usual WiFi.setPins(8,7,4,2) after void setup() {

4) Copy the firmware you wish to flash to same directory as "winc1500-uploader.exe"

5) Run the command:

winc1500-uploader.exe --port [YourComPort] --firmware [YourFirmwareFileName].bin

So for example I did:

winc1500-uploader.exe --port COM9 --firmware m2m_aio_2b0.bin

  • NOTE: Check your board version. It could also be: winc1500-uploader.exe --port COM9 --firmware m2m_aio_3a0.bin
    – LegoZebra
    Commented Dec 27, 2016 at 11:02

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