I want to connect my sensonrs to an arduino leonardo.

The principal idea is use it like a scratch (like dj hero or beatmania??), if I move the scratsh up, the mouse will go up ( y Axis ), and if it go down, the y Axis down.

The middle is for gnd and the other four to 0 to 3 pin in the arduino.

So my problem is I am not sure about the conecction and also the code to run my program, beacuse all the thing that i try to do, had no work in my computer.




That's a quadrature encoder implemented using photo interrupters. Use a DMM to suss out which half of each is the diode and which is the phototransistor, connect both halves as you would were they independent, and decode the quadrature output.

  • Thanks you very much, I did not know the name. I searched and found the map to connect to my arduino.
    – Luster
    Dec 14 '16 at 3:30

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