I use RH_RF24.h to control Si4463, and realize some simple communication between two Si4463 . But I don't know the mean of RH_RF24_MAX_MESSAGE_LEN in this example.

RH_RF24_MAX_MESSAGE_LEN is a constant ? If so , what decides it ? And if I need to sent and receive a long char string , how to do it ?

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RH_RF24_MAX_MESSAGE_LEN is probably defined in the header file RH_RF24.h.

It doesn't matter what size it is, you should always use RH_RF24_MAX_MESSAGE_LEN rather than the number because the value might change in the library and this will break your code if you have used the number.

If you want to send a message that is larger than RH_RF24_MAX_MESSAGE_LEN then you will need to 'fragment' the message (unless the library supports that). I would use the first byte of the message as the type of message and define one of those types as a multi part string. Then send a number of these message and reassemble the data on the receiver. When the receiver sees a message that contains a character with the ASCII value 0 then that is the end of the string.

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