I'm trying to compile & run using ino.

At the ino upload step I get the following error:

avrdude: error at /usr/share/arduino/hardware/tools/avrdude.conf:332: programmer type must be written as "id_type"

Relevant section of avrdude.conf:

programmer id = "wiring"; desc = "Wiring"; type = wiring; # line 332 ;

I've seen various posts around the internet that suggest I just delete the config & refresh it, but I'd like to find the correct syntax and actually understand & fix the issue.

  • Which version of the IDE are you using? Did you download it from the Arduino site, or install using apt-get?
    – Nick Gammon
    Oct 29, 2016 at 21:26
  • I'm not using an IDE, just ino: inotool.org
    – tomwhipple
    Oct 30, 2016 at 1:16

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After looking at the source repo it looks like quotes are now required:

type = "wiring";

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