I wrote simple code for my Digispark (Attiny85 with Micronucleus bootloader) in Arduino IDE:

#include <DigiUSB.h>

String inst;

void setup() {
  pinMode(1, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
  if (DigiUSB.available()) {

    char inp = DigiUSB.read();

    if (inp == '\n') { 
      inst = "";

    else {
      inst += inp;


DigiUSB works just like Serial communication in classic boards

If i send string and newline char i expect it to output this string back and print its length, but instead i receiving null string and 0 in any case

Is it problem with code or microcontroller itself?

DigiUSB monitor software

EDIT: Its seems to be digispark library problem itself:

DigiUSB.println() and DigiUSB.print() accept only char arrays

Also, there is no toCharArray() from classic arduino lib and no c_str() so i cant use atoi()

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