I'm working with a Realtek Ameba IoT RTL8195 board that's compatible to Arduino.

I have a text file on an SD card that I want to send via HTTP over wifi, with the Ameba acting as a server.

I combined the SD card example with the web server example. There's no LED involved here.

Upon request from a client, I want to shove the whole content of the text file into a text/plain response as quickly as possible. At the moment i have a 18.7KB dummy file that takes 6.3s to download in the broswer total. That's rather slow.

My code looks essentially like this:

while (file.available() > 0)

Where file is declared as SdFatFile file = fs.open(absolute_filename); and client is WiFiClient client = server.available();. Which are both classes that come with the Ameba Arduino SDK.

Both of them extend Stream. I wonder if reading and writing both streams byte by byte causes a bottleneck. is there a way to simply write "the whole thing" to client?

  • You may try if doing it line by line is faster. Or in chunks of 500bytes (or whatever amount of RAM you have available) – Paul Oct 26 '16 at 17:13

Paul's suggestion from the comment worked. Increasing the buffer reduced the overall time to a couple hundred ms.

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