I'm starting fiddling with a Due but I can't seem to be able to communicate over USB with it. Here is my code:

int bauds = 9600;

void setup() {

void loop() {
    if (SerialUSB.available()) 

void serialUSBEvent() {
    String str = SerialUSB.readString();

As you can see, I try with the bare minimum but my output consoles (2 COM port for the 2 usb connections, just in case I messed up which is which) stay blanks, whatever I send them...

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Have you tried resetting the board after sending the program? Or after having opened the terminal?

A few days ago I didn't have any results using SerialUSB, and today I have. The program has been sent trough the programming port, and SerialUSB is with native port. Uploading my program trough native port, it didn't worked until I reset!

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