I am trying to use a NEO-6M GPS to datalog my current position on a Micro SD card with the help of an Arduino Pro Mini. It doesn't transmit anything. So do I need a SIM card?


  1. The GPS tracker must be worked with a SIM card which may cost data and SMS fee.

  2. No annual authorization fee for the first year. The coming annual fee details, please visit our company website.

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For use as a GPS device, the NEO-6M doesn't need a SIM card. For use as part of a tracker that sends SMS / GSM messages, ie, that uses the cell telephone system to send messages, you need a SIM card. The SIM card is used to authenticate your system to the phone system.

See examples at "arduino gps and sms where are you arduino" (bigdanzblog.wordpress.com) and "vehicle tracking system using arduino gps and gsm" at circuitdigest.com.

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