I recently bought Adafruit's motor shield v2 only to find out it can only support upto 12v.

So I'm on the look out for another shield & found this one Arduino Dual L6470 Stepper Motor Shield

I have an Arduino Mega & the documentation says it is fully compatible with the UNO.

Will there an issue using this shield with a Mega? Or if anyone else can point me at a decent stepper controller?

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That is an SPI based device, and it doesn't use the (now considered standard) 6-pin ICSP header for SPI.

Therefore it will only directly work on boards that have the SPI pins available on pins 10-13 of the digital headers.

To use it with other boards you will need to manually route the SPI pins to the right places using wires.


Just so you know, the L6470 is a pretty sophisticated and high-performance driver with lots of options to tweak, but it is a voltage-mode driver that requires some tuning for best results (otherwise, expect to generate some heat). There is a separate ST microelectronics application note, not mentioned in the L6470 datasheet, that describes some tuning guidelines - but it's written for an engineering audience.

There is also a SparkFun version of the L6470 out there.

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