I am brand new to the arduino board and I am trying to build a simple IR proximity sensor. I bought a handful of emitters and detectors from amazon here:


I am about to pull my hair out and shoot my board with a 12 gauge shot gun if I don't figure this out soon. Can someone point me to a good SIMPLE tutorial that uses ONE emitter and ONE detector and ONE LED. All i can find are a bunch of complex circuits with multiple sets of sensors or a buzzer or whatever else and anything that is as simple as that has no information on schematic or code. Can someone please post a tutorial link?

  • You will not get good result in an unshielded environment from a simple setup. To do well, you need either an external lock-in amplified which does synchronous analog detection of a pulsed signal, or to take reading with the ADC and implement a lock-in in software. Aug 9, 2016 at 2:04

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You could always start out attempting a simple IR detector circuit.

Google Arduino IR detector brings up several tutorials, such as this one from the Instructables website

You would have to change the buzzer in tutorial for an LED and resistor in series.

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