I'm looking to buy some components to my master thesis: I have to create a sort of lab where I'll create a Zigbee network and some tasks on it.

I'm wondering if I should buy XBee series 1 or 2 and why aren't they compatible. My lab will also have WeMo belkin lamps, xiaomi door sensor, 5 arduino with Xbee module and a Raspberry Pi. I just have one chance to buy materials because I've got limited time.

What should I buy to make all compatible and create a proper and functional ZigBee network? Thanks a lot for your time


Actually, S1 and S2 are developed for different purposes. If you want to do simple things then go for ZigBee S1. And if you want to do Mesh Networking or API mode go for S2. From my personal experience I felt that, even though S2 is the higher version, it is not suitable for normal applications. From your question, I feel that you have to use S2. Otherwise it may lead to unnecessary complications. And S2's perfomance is not good in normal transparent mode applications

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