I am using an Arduino board with an ESP8266 module to connect to a WiFi device. How do I check if the device is connected?

  • Which Arduino board? Check the associated stations on your router to see if the device is associated (connected) to your router Commented Jul 16, 2016 at 12:54

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You can use:




to see if you're connected to wifi. (The first will tell you access point status, the second will tell you IP address.)

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Firstly,If your ESP8266 module is coded then AT commands won't be responding directly, In that case You can check in Serial monitor(if u already wrote print in the existing code on module) else u have to flash a new code.

If didn't flash any code then use AT commands(AT+CWJAP?) for checking SSID. (AT+ CIPSTATUS) for IP adress.

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